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Vietnam - Coffee

My coffee cup in Saigon...Of Weasel coffee and other such.

February 29, 2016

Whizzing around on the back of a Vespa around the crazy streets of Saigon to taste some fantastic food in District 3 and then do coffee bar hopping is my idea of fun!

South Vietnam is famous for its coffee and I was determined to fill my coffee cup to the brim… First stop L’Usine on Le Loi street near the Benh Thanh market (there is one overlooking the Opera house as well) where French boutique chic meets cafe culture. Some shopping on the ground floor and we were ready for some coffee upstairs.

I ordered a Vietnamese coffee and some cake. A squat glass with a dollop of condensed milk topped with the Vietnamese coffee filter arrived at my table. The filter was packed with coffee powder and hot water which was just starting to drip into the glass below. “Wait 10 minutes” said the young girl and left while I stared fascinated at the band of brown forming over the White.

The 10 minute wait for Vietnamese coffee experience was perfect for the conversation while the coffee was getting ready…

And then I was ready – strong coffee meets sweet condensed milk leaving an explosion of sweet, cool and strong flavour with your first sip. I like this…. And am ready to get more.

Wandering down Dong Khai street filled with shops and restaurants we come to Trung Nguyen – Vietnam’s own Starbucks type chain of coffee shops. The place was buzzing with people chatting over coffee and stuff. The menu offered many variations and this time I chose a Creative 8 coffee blend which I was assured was the best…it was strong, smooth and gave me a buzz.

They also sell coffee powder and the Vietnamese coffee filter. I bought some one for my collection of all things coffee.

Coffee culture is alive on all corners in Saigon – no better way to enjoy a conversation than in a local coffee place over a cup of sweet strong weasel coffee.

Vietnamese coffee is mainly Robusta and Arabica and Vietnam is one of the largest producers of Robusta coffee. Weasel coffee is a is definitely unique and prized for its flavour as it is coffee beans that was swallowed by the weasel but brought out whole by the weasel when it poops! Yes!

Nothing like a great cup of coffee to make my world complete and Saigon gave it it to me in plenty…

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