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City tour

Romantic Loire Valley

July 24, 2016

The beautiful Loire Valley, with its romantic chateaus and vineyards, the flowing river and the picturesque countryside with its walking and biking trails....

The Heart of Lisbon

June 13, 2016

Lisbon is alluring - historic, atmospheric, sunny, relaxed and packs into it more than you think. It certainly surprised me!...

Sea Fort Galle

December 24, 2015

Yes, Galle’s got it all....

In the Happiness Kingdom - Beautiful Bhutan - Thimphu and Punakha

May 29, 2015

Paro in Bhutan is one of the most beautiful airports in the world-ringed by snow-capped mountains....

An Art Deco Weekend in Napier New Zealand

March 14, 2015

Candy coloured sunburst embellishments on Art Deco buildings, and a beautiful beachfront promenade greeted us as we drove into Napier, New Zealand....

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